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Meet our staff

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Our team at the Mott Haven Community Partnership has a clear sense of purpose. After multiple interviews over an extensive hiring process, we selected a diverse group of individuals with ties to The South Bronx. 

Meet The Team

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Jonathan Rivera

Community Ambassador

I've been a resident of The Bronx my entire life, and working with the MHCP has given me the opportunity to with a different community. One the resembles my own community in the North Bronx. Recently, I have taken the responsibility of assisting with food pantries in Mott Haven and this has been a rewarding experience for me. 


Nahomy Vasquez

Sr. Community Ambassador

Prior to working for the MHCP I was working in the childcare field. For the past 2 years in this role I have worked with families in need. I have also developed a close relationship with schools parent coordinators. I'm currently the host of Coffee With Vasquez, a resource support group that meets every Tuesday from 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM. This is great opportunity to connect with residents and inform of them of different resources in the community. We have also incorporated workshops into these sessions to ensure that residents have an opportunity to discuss different topics.


Ismael Pacheco

Community Administrative Outreach

I've been working at the MHCP for about 7 months. I went to school and college in Mott Haven. I've been a Mott Haven Resident most of my life and I'm happy to be a part of an organization that prioritizes their people first. I love being able to connect residents to resources and connecting with them. I understand their struggles and I wish to give them my best so that their lives could be better. Working for MHCP has also taught me about my community and all of the services and programs available.

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