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MHCP strives to deliver great community and citywide services to our residents. We provide services through coordinated referrals. However, due to COVID-19, We have implemented new strategies to support residents such as Pop-up food pantries and food distribution events around holidays. These events require a good amount of volunteers. In order for us to continue to assist residents we need more volunteers. If you would like to support your community by volunteering with us please complete the form below.

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Community residents are the heart of the South Bronx and becoming a volunteer is a direct way for you to give back to the community and to make a lasting impact. This is a great opportunity for individuals seeking to gain new skills, build on existence experience and knowledge. Your role as a MHCP volunteer will prepare you to work directly with community residents and learn more about community resources.

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  • We ask that every Volunteer comes in with a good attitude and report to each event on time.

  • Dress appropriately; must wear: Closed-toed shoes. Clothing that completely cover chest, shoulders, torso and knees. Clothing with offensive or inappropriate designs or stamps are not allowed.

  • Use good judgment with your appearance and language around others when you are volunteering and representing Mott Haven Community Partnership.

  • Be respectful to community residents, providers and other volunteers.

  • Provide a welcoming environment to residents. Treat them with kindness and be respecting people of other cultures.

  • Respect others beliefs.

  • Do not make any announcements on our behalf to the press or the community unless instructed by MHCP leadership.

  • Be accommodating and understanding of resident different needs.

  • Educate yourself about our mission statement, core values and resources.

  • Inform us in advance if you won’t be able to attend or show up on time for a community event that you committed to.

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Are you ready to take the next step and become a Mott Haven Community Partnership Volunteer? If so, please use the following form to become a volunteer. We will review your form and contact you to complete your application.

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