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IG Live!



Our mission is to improve the quality of life for children and families by building community and connecting them to the resource (s) available in the community. In the middle of the pandemic, we decided to start hosting knowledge-sharing events through Instagram to inform residents of services available within their community.


In order to build a strong, connected community, we understood the importance of increasing capacity to fulfill our promises of building a strong network of residents and providers. The majority of IG Live! Session (s) were recorded with different stakeholders from Mott Haven and City-wide agency providers.


The Mott Haven Community Partnership Program has been successful in building partnerships and engaging residents through different IG Live! Session (s). We have covered different topics such as (Early Child Education, Mental Health, Food Security, Reproductive Rights, etc.). The average number of residents we engaged through these sessions is 12. Residents are able to watch these session (s) afterward via IG TV.

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